Where are my items being shipped from?

Our products are shipped straight out of Dallas, Texas right here in the USA!


How do turtles get tracked?

A small GPS tracker is placed on the back of the turtles shell. It is completely harmless and the turtles don't know it's there! 

 How do I track my turtle?

When you get your turtle tracker card in the mail, there will be a little QR code on the card. Simply open up your iPhone or Android camera and point it at the QR code. A notification will pop up for you to click on that will take you to your interactive map! If you have any questions or need help please email info@thewildlifecollections.com or message us on Facebook for a faster response!


I didn't receive my turtle tracker?

No problem! Our warehouse packs these cards with each Journey Bracelet, so if for some reason you didn't get yours, send us an email or Facebook message and we can ship them out to you or instantly send a PDF of one! 


Does each Journey bracelet come with its own turtle?

Yes! You get a turtle to track for each bracelet you purchase!


Why has my order not shipped?

Orders are shipped out on weekdays only and we do our best to make it same or next day shipping! If you haven't received an email notification that your order hasn't shipped, just send us an email or message on Facebook and we can look this up for you!


What size are the bracelets?

Majority of our bracelets are stretchy or adjustable to fit any wrist! However, if you have a specific one you are curious about just send us an email or Facebook message! 


How do I know you guys are legit?

There are many websites that falsely claim to be able to help save wildlife if you purchase from them, so be cautious from where you purchase from! We have official partnerships with the Sea Turtle Conservancy, Orca Research Trust, and Save the Elephants. You can verify these by visiting their partnership pages on their website; just keep scrolling until you see our name and logo! 


Tell me more about your partnership with Save the Elephants?

Wildlife Collections is proud to donate 10% of net profits from the sale of the Save the Elephants collection to Save the Elephants for the protection of these species in Africa. We started our partnership on August 1st. Information on Save the Elephants:

Save the Elephants, Marula Manor, Marula Lane, Karen, P.O. Box 54667, Nairobi, 00200, Kenya


Is my purchase tax-deductible?

No percentage of your purchase from Wildlife Collections is tax-deductible.  


Do you guys have brand ambassadors?

Send your best pics of you wearing our products and send it to us via email or through our socials! If your pictures fit our image style, we'd love to partner with you!