Our Story: Partnering with Wildlife Conservations

We are Wildlife Collections. We partner with non-profit organizations to create bracelets that come with a real animal to track

We started this mission in 2018, and since have been fortunate to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to save wildlife

By combining a tangible bracelet and interactive tracking experience, our goal is to educate customers about wildlife and excite them about conservation

Nearly all species of sea turtles are classified as endangered. We are doing everything we can to change that.

We partnered with the Sea Turtle Conservancy in 2019 to launch The Journey Bracelet, and donate 10% of net profits to their incredible mission

In 2020, Wildlife Collections joined forces with Save the Elephants to launch The Expedition Bracelet, allowing customers to track a wild elephant

10% of net profits are donated to Save the Elephants in Kenya, which specializes in elephant research and works to protect wild elephants. Your purchase will help fight ivory poaching, and secure a future for elephants in a rapidly changing world

In 2021, Wildlife Collections partnered with Polar Bears International to create the Venture Bracelet, allowing our customers to track a wild polar bear

10% of net profits from our polar bear collection are donated to Polar Bears International to help save our sea ice and secure a future for polar bears

We also partner with the Orca Research Trust, who protects orcas and their habitat through conservation, education, and scientific research

To learn more about our mission and learn how our donations affect our partner's work, head over to @WildlifeCollections on Facebook or Instagram!