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You directly help save wildlife with every order. It's as simple as that.

Track a Turtle
Every Journey Bracelet™ comes with a real sea turtle to track
Track my Turtle
Track an Elephant
Every Expedition Bracelet™ comes with a real wild elephant to track
Track my Elephant

I get to save sea turtles AND get my own to track? LOVE THIS COMPANY

Megan G.

I bought these bracelets for my nephew & nieces & they love them! They track their turtles every day!

Jennifer V.

These bracelets are so pretty and I love how you're able to track your own sea turtle 🌊❤️

Charlene A.

Each Bracelet

Tracks an Animal

Each Journey and Expedition Bracelet comes with a sea turtle or elephant to track on your phone or computer!

Track My Animal